Moon Observatory is a fantasy otome game series created by Batensan.In the universe of MO, there are thirteen worlds named after months, with one final nameless world. Each world has a Magician, a half-immortal being who watches over their world's residents.All games are standalone titles, but cross paths into an overarching story and glorious finale. Follow the various determined, strong-willed heroines on journeys that will connect to reveal the truth about their world and our own, Earth.

MO Iris

The third installment of MO follows Iris, a Purifier who puts spirits of the deceased to rest in the February world.

MO Anholly

The second installment of MO centers on Anholly's life in an unpopulated, frozen town.

MO Ciel

The first installment of MO takes you on Ciel's journey to see the outside world with her two uptight knights.

Upcoming / etc.

Previews of planned MO projects, subject to change.


About MO

Moon Observatory is a passion project written and drawn by Batensan!Seemingly a lighthearted fantasy series, the story is actually a sci-fi drama masquerading as such. Although MO is technically an otome game, the action, comedy, and character drama outweighs its traits as a typical romance story.The MO series has multiple installments with different heroines, and will take years for me to finish. Thanks to everyone who is sticking with me!The project is almost entirely funded out of pocket, so if you enjoy what I do, please consider becoming a patron with rewards on Ko-fi!

The Thirteen Worlds

Every world in the universe of MO has some kind of function or special trait. The residents of the world such as humans usually have at least one innate magic/ability that they're born with.The Magicians work as either guides for humanity or ones who restrict them, but they have discretion over their own actions. Being half-immortals, they won't die from age, but can be killed.However, the Magicians ultimately have human minds and hearts. Eternity may be too much for some of them...

January???A relatively peaceful world now, but was once ravaged by a war between angels and demons.Jeanne
FebruaryWynrou / VendettaWhere corrupted souls go after dying with regrets, the residents purify them from all the worlds for the afterlife.Iris
MarchMärchenDream world / The March Magician protects all living beings from their own dreams.Melanie / ???
AprilAppli / KlavieThe afterlife where copies of your soul and past selves coexist.Parilyne
MayEnmei / An ZinmeiA palace where the May Magicians check for distortions and can gather other Magicians.Parilyne
JuneJuniper / JupiterA prison, MO's version of Hell where souls judged irredeemable spend the rest of eternity.Iris
JulyJuliusA small pocket dimension that exists nowhere yet everywhere at the same time, governing time.Parilyne / Erythr
AugustAugustia / Gaius / AugustusA world resembling ancient Rome filled with monsters born from Clavie's subconscious. Humanity has gone extinct here.Iris / ???
SeptemberSeptem / SepiaA secret library of knowledge across the 13 worlds, gathered from souls whose lives are recorded in books.Iris
OctoberOctaviaA steampunk world of seemingly perpetual sunset, the sky "glitches" into blue or night at times. Reliance on magic is comparatively low.Erythr
NovemberNova / GenovieveA world that exists in either spring or autumn, the November Magician watches over parallel worlds and is tasked with deleting singularities.Parilyne
December???This is simply a happy paradise snow globe world. Keep moving.MO Aster
The 13th WorldVen / ???The most standard fantasy world, though with technology enhanced with magic as most of the other worlds have.Ciel / Anholly / Melanie

MO Melanie

This upcoming story centers on Melanie's task to apparently save the world, a role given to her by the mysterious Magician Ven. However, it seems as if he isn't telling her everything...Melanie's "partner-in-crime" Shisui is the only one who seems to realize, but at the same time wants to preserve her innocence.Melanie runs head-first into the world with accepting arms, while Shisui curses it for forcing a cruel fate on Melanie.A direct sequel to MO Anholly.

MO Parilyne

Parilyne is a completely normal girl except for the fact that she's an anomaly who mustn't exist in that there's only one of her despite the infinite parallel universes.This paradoxical existence marks her for deletion--until Nova, the November Magician, decides to step in to break this cycle.Pulled along by Magicians helping her and Magicians hunting her down, she'll have to decide for herself just how strong her will to live is.

MO Aster

Aster is a cheerful and goofy wheelchair-bound girl who resides in the blissfully ignorant world of December--so ignorant in fact that the residents have no idea about Magicians or the other worlds.Obtaining a magic pendant that allows her to transform into the superhero of her dreams, Aster turns her life into the action movie she's always dreamed of. She chases after her charmingly sly rival Virs, a phantom thief.However, the beautiful, snowy world of December has much more darkness and moral ambiguity than she is prepared for.

MO Erythr

Erythr wakes up in a field of red flowers with no memory of who she is. The only thing in the back of her mind is that she's looking for someone, and must meet them no matter what.Just as she's pondering what to do, a boy around ten years-old named Cobalt chirps that he'll help her if she adopts him.Using Cobalt's ability to see into the future, Erythr will venture to the center of the October world and discover the Magician trapped there.

MO Jeanne

Jeanne is a girl who lives in our era's Earth in relative peace. Her life is thrown out of sorts when she's mysteriously teleported to MO's January world, where angels and demons once went to war.The famed demon lord was supposedly vanquished hundreds of years ago. However, while wandering alone, she finds him living quietly in a warm cottage in the woods.His stony red eyes subtly widen in surprise before he gently invites her in for tea, and ultimately a place to stay in this unfamiliar magical world.

MO Finale

The story of MO draws to a close as all the scattered pieces connect.It's time to return home, to Earth. Gaze upon the past and see just what kind of war, will, and hopelessness brought upon these worlds of MO.Of Project Modus Operandi.

Iris - Linker of Magicians

The neglected orphan Iris is saved from loneliness when a kind boy named Rieffe befriends her, telling her to value herself.Having inherited a piece of the February Magician's powers, Iris grows up learning how to deal with adversity well. That is, until the fateful day when her destiny becomes entangled with the Magicians.Iris is forced to choose between morally ambiguous situations and faces the threat of Augustia, the most powerful Magician. Forming bonds with other Magicians to face against the Empress Augustia, Iris will become one of the most important gears in MO's overarching story.

  • Paid game ($20) / March 2021

  • Routes: Rieffe, Lanneis, Reqieu, Septem (unlock)

  • Best Friend Routes: Henri, Mikhail, Kann, Juniper

  • ~276k words, long (20+ hours) / 335k words after Auggie route update

  • Warnings: Moderate blood/violence, themes of death

  • A game I've been making on and off for five years. Over that time, I've figured out the direction I want to take MO, which you'll notice in this story's lore-heavy narrative.

Anholly - The girl and the snow

A cheerful yet hopeless girl named Anholly lives alone in her hometown of Solvalis after her uncontrollable ice powers froze it over. Her only visitors are her timid childhood friend Riov and a small white dog nicknamed HD.That is, until one day an ice spirit named Seihuo finds Solvalis and collapses there, while on a journey to find his way back home.Seihuo, who chooses to be alone, and Anholly, who is alone against her will, form a special bond in the time they're together.And watching from afar is a mysterious figure named Veltaire...

  • Free to play / March 2016

  • Kinetic novel/no routes or different endings

  • ~20k words, very short

  • Lighthearted but also deals with depressing themes.

  • A game I made in a month for a visual novel game jam.

Ciel - Princess' departure

The naive but kind and determined Princess Ciel leaves her kingdom despite her overprotective father's wishes and goes on a journey with two knights, Florien and Anton.Along the way, they're stalked by a sassy vagrant named Yvin who tails them in order to bring Ciel back for reward money, but seems to be getting a bit too attached?

  • Free to play / August 2015

  • Routes: Florien, Anton, Yvin (unlock)

  • ~70k words, relatively short

  • Lighthearted, feel-good adventure with jokes and fluff.

  • I made this game right out of high school so I'm embarrassed to look at it now, but it's not bad if you're looking for something casual/free.

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